What I pack for an extended travel journey!

Packing for a long trip Isn’t the easiest thing, the anxiety usually begins a week before a trip and culminates the day of! I’ve learned quite a bit about minimalist travel over the years. I first began my travels in Thailand in 2012 and back then I had one huge 80L bag filled to the brim. I took everything with me that I thought I needed. Once I was in Thailand I realized most of what I had, I could get in Thailand. Its taken me some time to perfect what I pack and I still have some improving to do.



Over the years I’ve had my fare share of camera bags. I’ve used sling bags as well as all kinds of backpacks. I currently use the Wandrd PRVKE 31 L backpack and Its hands down been my favorite bag to date. For the majority of my things I use the THULE 56L rolling duffel. Its my first time using this bag so Im excited to see how it olds up on my travels.


The number one thing I overpacked was clothes. As you travel you realize you want to buy things from different countries, so packing light is crucial. Another big thing I learned was to use packing cubes and roll your clothes up! I use these Eagle Creek packing cubes I’ve been using them for years now and they’ve been my most valuable purchase.

Im all about buying quality gear that lasts! It also helps to get things that last because I personally don’t like shopping for clothes so the better the quality the less I need to buy!

Heres a list of the clothes that I pack.

3 T-shirts- (My fav travel shirts are these Lulu lemon shirts with anti stink techonogy)

2 long sleeve shirts

1 long sleeve hoodie

1 pair of jeans

2 pairs of joggers (I always travel with these ABC joggers )

4 pairs of socks (I love these Pair of thieves crew socks)

4 pairs of underwear (this is a really important one! Quality is key! I always travel with these Pair of thieves super fit boxer briefs )

1 Rain fly (I use the Patagonia Shell that packs away into itself)

1 pair of Bedrock sandals (my fav and they’re made in california!)

Camera Gear

This is the fun part! If you’re a photographer and you love to travel you know this is the bulk of whats in your bag. I do my best to cut down on my clothing so I can leave more room for my gear. Lets start with the cameras, my current camera and workhorse is the Sony A7Riii. Its what I shoot with 80% of the time. I also travel with the DJI mavic 2zoom for those aerial shots and the compact Sony RX100V. I don’t travel with a full size tripod but I do have the compact Joby 5k gorillapod which is still sturdy and portable enough to fit in my bag.

When it comes to lens I travel with 3 Sony lenses. I call it the trinity because they’re the only 3 lenses I need! The Sony 16-35mm f4, Sony 55mm f1.8 and the tele Sony 70-200mm f4.

At the end of the day I do my best to travel as light as possible and only take what I need.I hope this short list of what gear I use and what I pack helps when your building your own travel setup.